This is a short obstacle/course type of game that I made. The goal of this project was to somewhat recreate an important event that took place in your life and so I chose the day that my mom broke my gameboy color. I've always relived the moment right before my mom chucked my gameboy color onto the ground and I've wondered if there was any way I could go back in time to prevent that from occurring. That's how the idea for this game was born. Not only that, there was always a large number of people circulating in and out of my house at the time and since I love zombie/survival games a lot, I figured why not add a horde aspect as well?

The fun part for me was coding the different gameobjects and interacting with those objects via Unity's interface. I'm not the best coder but I can, for the most part, figure out the logical solution to a problem. If I don't know how to convert that logic into the proper syntax, I look for advice online or from my peers and mentors. The frustrating part was working with Maya and Substance Painter. After hours upon hours of failures within maya, I took my finally completed works of art (nothing too special) into substance painter so that I could paint them and be done with this aspect of the game. But then Substance Painter kept crashing and kept slowing down my laptop. After repeated tries at fixing it and still falling short, I was forced to give up on Substance Painter and work through Unity itself. Overall, I know I could have done a better job had I properly paced myself with the very limited amount of time that we had.